Anders Breivik represents the death knell for the English Defence League

The full story of Breivik and his mission to save Norway from its multicultural future is yet to be fully understood. The Norwegian courts thwarted his plan to tell the country of his grand vision in the full glory of the TV cameras. It seems as though he has spent the last few years meticulously planning this scheme such that he could become notorious and, presumably, revered for having opened the eyes of his fellow citizens to the scourge of the spread of Islam.

In his messianic mission to convert the people, his grand delusion swept away any logic and common sense. He seemed to have overlooked the fact that mass killings do not give you a moral authority over the masses or inspire people to consider one to be the voice of reason. His paranoia over the spread of Islam was clearly not a widely held concern and his actions will only serve to impact any association with this viewpoint.

His 1500 page manifesto which will be consigned to the vaults of mad-ramblings boasted an association with the English Defence League through having a number of friends on Facebook and apparently having attended one of their demonstrations. It is also alleged that he had direct contact with someone called “Richard” who gave him ideas which led to his massacre.

In his manifesto titled 2083, Breivik writes: “I used to have more than 600 EDL members as Facebook friends and have spoken with tens of EDL members and leaders. In fact; I was one of the individuals who supplied them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning.”

Breivik and the EDL have broadly the same agenda with their Islamphobia and the same delusional qualities that they somehow represent the silent population. They also think that they have a right and a mission to save us all, on our behalf, without truly understanding that they do not represent anyone other than themselves. Breivik is the ultimate example of how a personal delusion can manifest itself in an extreme way to the point of being psychopathic – he had no sense of the humanity he was destroying to further his cause.

The EDL have little support other than amongst themselves and are routinely referred to as “far right”. Although their now defunct Facebook page had 96000 “members” it was fairly evident that the majority of these were not active supporters ( a cynic might suggest that a lot were manufactured). Their loose association with Breivik will severely tarnish their questionable reputation, and put them firmly in the camp of potential extremists. In order to move forwards from this position the EDL will need some very expert PR advice to overcome this negative impact on their brand – a tall order for anyone.

If the connection with Breivik continues to be pursued and the links prove more substantial, then their only hope of legitimacy with solid working-class people will evaporate quickly and leave them floundering to the sound of their own death knell.

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