One-Liner Week 5 December 2010

Wikileaks website goes public with millions of cables and documents revealing diplomatic, or otherwise, information.

England fails to secure the 2018 World Cup – receving only 2 votes – allegations of vote rigging or sour grapes?

Spain’s financial crisis begins to gather some momentum – could this be the straw that breaks the EU’s back?

The 2010 UN Climate Change Conference takes place in Cancun Mexico in search of a global  deal – over 20000 people fly to Mexico to reduce carbon emissions

Vince Cable goes on record about his ambivalence on how he plans to vote on University Fees

Another round of student protests about University Fees takes place in London

Spain’s air traffic controllers stage an unauthorised walk out leaving thousands of passengers stranded in airports

Angela Merkel hints as the real possibility of Germany coming out of the euro.

Public outrage against tax avoidance in UK gathers momentum – photos HERE

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