Julian Assange – narcissist who just “likes” women?

In his interview in the Times, Julian Assange is quoted as saying “I’m not promiscuous I just really like women”.  This is almost as disingenuous and designed to obfuscate as Bill Clinton’s now classic comment about his intimacy with  Monica Lewinsky “…I did not have sexual relations with that woman..”

Promiscuity means having sex with many partners. Either Assange is claiming that he enjoys regular platonic relationships with lots of women, or he is judging that promsicuity implies some baser form of sexual encounter ( in the context of not liking women? rape, perhaps?) that is beneath his meta-intellectual level, and therefore does not sum up his idiosyncratic condition.

I’m sorry – I don’t buy this.

As I tried to articulate in my previous blog entry HERE there is a strong link between power and sex. Assange is exerting his power in many ways, and is building up a self-satisfied iconic status through his intellect and contacts, and using leaked information and women in a similarly dispassionate way, without feeling. Its interesting that his response to the release of further details of the sex allegations by the Guardian (18 December 2010) , and the closing in of the net on him, is to threaten an undisclosed bank with potential leaks in 2011.

The combination of his own over-inflated sense of grandiosity and the belief that various agencies are conspiring against him, defines the Paranoid personality. At the extreme end of the narcissistic spectrum his arrogance, insensitivity to others, denial and projection is a textbook representation.

Now the Guardian has turned the tables on him, and he is annoyed with them – no doubt they are part of the conspiracy.

If his commitment to transparency and clarity extends to him, as well as the rest of the world, he will speak honestly and clearly to the media, and return to Sweden to answer the questions asked of him.

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  1. If you seriously believe that Assange is paranoid without reason, that by attacking him personally isn’t just a way of trying to discredit him and have him rendered to the USA, then I suggest that you might be living a little bit insulated from reality to say the very least.

    I suggest you start looking at the bigger issues here, rather than being drawn into such a decoy of a subject.

  2. Thanks for your response. I am merely commenting on the facts and the situation as they exist. You may consider it to be a decoy of a subject, which is a widely held view; I am just examining the alternative. The bigger issues should not detract from what may, or may not have happened in Sweden and the sooner that this is cleared up the better. I am well aware of the bigger picture which also potentially is a decoy?

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