One-Liner Week December 26 2010

Brian Hanrahan BBC journalist dies – we finally didn’t count him back in!

Vince Cable slightly embarrassed by telling Daily Telegraph undercover reporters that he may bring the government down. “Being in a coalition is like fighting a war” #iamsparticable. Cable also makes comment about his “war” with Rupert Murdoch. Cable has his wings clipped and is no longer involved in the decision making over the BSkyB share purchase.

Lowest temperature recorded in UK so far this winter in Pershore at -19 deg C.

60% of people in UK are concerned that they will be short of money to feel comfortable.

Israeli fighters attack Palestinians in Gaza strip

Lukashenko wins election in Belarus – clashes on the streets

Dramatic rise in the number of flu cases in the UK – not know how many are swine flu

Heathrow and Eurostar grind to a halt due to the snow – although Manchester and Gatwick seem to fair better.

South Korea continue live military manoeuvres near to North Korea – tension mounts.

Joanna Yeates goes missing in Bristol after a night out with friends – the Tesco pizza seems to be the missing link. She is found dead on Xmas day.

Funding of Booktrust, is the next “banana-skin” for the coalition government as it cuts the £13m contribution – a U turn seems to be in the offing.

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