One-liner week 30 January 2011

Protests break out in Egypt as a follow-on to the action in Tunisia – is this the start of the decline of the Western looking African countries? Protests escalate throughout the week, and law and order deteriorates as vigilante squads go in search of looters. People are encouraged to leave. There is only one satisfactory outcome and that is the exit of Hosni Mubarak

Ant and Dec win the National TV Award for best entertaining duo for the 10th year running.

More revelations continue in the phone hacking scandal – a further police investigation is announced. How near is this to Murdoch?

Plans announced to scrap the ageing, overdue, and expensive Nimrod fleet – these are the planes that led to servicemen deaths. Now we appear to be mourning their loss?

Government announce the sale of 258000 hectares of public forestry – there is a concern that these will either be cut down or the public will not be given easy access to the land.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys of Sky Sports are caught off camera making sexist comments in a number of different circumstances. Gray is sacked and Keys resigns thus ending a 20 year partnership. The word banter comes to take on different meanings.

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