One-Liner Week 13th March 2011

In Bahrain, riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters blocking the main road into the capital’s business district, and encircled the protesters’ main camp

In Yemen, dozens of people are wounded in clashes between Yemeni police, firing live bullets and tear gas, and anti-government protesters at the main opposition sit-in in the capital. The US said it was “deeply concerned” over continuing deaths and injuries among protesters in Yemen

In Saudi Arabia, up to 200 people were reported to have gathered outside the interior ministry to demand the release of imprisoned relatives.

Colonel Gadaffi in Libya continues his war with the rebels. Forces supporting have reportedly re-captured Brega. EU rejects UK and France calls for a no-fly zone.

Japan, suffers its worse earthquake and tsunami ever causing havoc and devestation to the north-east coast around Sendai. Concern still exists over whether there is a meltdown in a number of nuclear reactors including Fukushima. Numbers of deaths are increasing – expected to be 10,000+

Jacques Chirac is in court on trial for fraud. He is alleged to have used his time as Mayor of Paris in the 80’s and 90’s to endear himself to party members through awarding them council jobs on the expectation of future support.

The story around who Prince Andrew associates himself with during his business as the International trade envoy deepens. His friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is not helping his cause. He also seems to be involved with a number of other “interesting” characters.

Nick Clegg puts a brave face on matters at their Party conference in Sheffield. “I haven’t changed one bit” he states – no, only your policies!

Tura Satana – made famous in Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! directed by the sexploitation maestro Russ  Meyer, has died. His films always starred women of particularly pneumatic proportions.

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