One-Liner week 20th March 2011

The consequences of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami which, in themselves, were devastating, are compounded by the radiation leakages at Fukushima Nuclear reactor. Damage to the electric water pumps that kept the spent fuel ponds full, meant that the rods were in danger of over-heating. There have been radiation leakages albeit at a mild level, however this is sufficient to spread panic, throughout. Many Western governments are encouraging their nationals to leave the country. The cost and implications of the events will take months and years to realise. The estimates of the number of deaths now far exceeds 15ooo.

Violent flashes occur in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, continuing the trend of mini-revolutions throughout the region. Deaths have been recorded in Bahrain and Yemen. The Yemeni president sacked his government – no doubt due to their unpopularity with the people.

A no-fly zone is approved by the UN, which has resulted in bombing by UN backed fighter jets. The propaganda war starts here as Libya maintain that civilians have been killed by the Coalition attacks. The UN action was precipitated by Gadaffi saying that he will show no mercy to the rebels of Behghazi.

The moon is at its nearest point to the earth for nearly 20 years – it appears larger by 14% – many unoriginal pictures of the moon are taken.

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