One-Liner week 27th March 2011

The Fukushima Nuclear plant continues to be a problem for Japan. Radiation levels continue to be an issue, and there are various reports of high levels of leakage into the environment. Levels are at 10 million times their normal level.

Bombing continues in Libya by the Coalition forces. Accusations of civilian casualties. Gadaffi marches on Beghazi – the rebel stronghold although they are repelled due to the bombing raids.

The TUC “March for the Alternative” which was supported by 250-500,000 people in London, was over-shadowed by violence by a minority of protestors throughout the day. An extended “kettle” was in place which lasted until the early hours of the morning.

A 47 year old man is charged with the murder of Sian O Callaghan – she had not been since leaving a nightclub on Saturday 19th March.

12 people die in Syria, as the protests against the regime continue. A spokesperson for the President is denying any violence in the face of irrefutable facts.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor died at the age of 79 – just in case anyone has forgotten what a beautiful woman she once was.

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