My Photographic Year 2011

A selection of some of the key images for 2011 from demonstrations, travel and events.

The flourishing UKUncut movement descended on Boots (Bond Street) and set up a hospital. The good natured event was disrupted when an errant police officer released his pepper spray on the protestors 30/1/11

The EDL went back to where it all started in Luton to hold their demonstration in February. Members of the UAF were determined to make their feelings known, and a few managed to break through the police lines 5/2/11

As the effects of the Arab Spring spread to Bahrain, there were a number of impassioned demonstrations outside the London Embassy. 19/3/11

The TUC demo which passed peacefully through London was overshadowed by rioting and violent protests by the younger fraternity. One of the protestors tries to escape the clutches of the Metropolitan Police 26/3/11

A member of one of the families seeking justice for people who died in Police custody, including Smiley Culture 14/4/11

The moment that the confetti exploded in Trafalgar Square during the Royal Wedding. My desire to get this shot resulted in me getting on live TV as I frustrated the director of the Sky News coverage. 29/4/11

May Day in Brighton as one of the protestors is pinned up against the wall following a long chase round the town; the Police finally got fed up 1/5/11

A warming coffee at 9000 feet on the slopes of Mt Aragats in Northern Armenia - such beauty in the scenery 23/5/11

The Slut walk movement in London in response to some unfortunate comments by a Canadian Police officer suggesting that women should avoid dressing like "sluts" to avoid being "victmised". The banner says it all. 11/6/11

A few "waifs and strays" got encircled by the Police at the NUT demonstration. This girl was persistent in unfurling her banner in between the legs of the Police. She eventually got arrested 30/6/11

A young boy stands by one of the Loyalist bonfires at the city end of the Sandy Row on the eve of the Orange Order marches. The fire was "brick-smoulderingly" hot. 11/7/11

After vans containing EDL members in Telford were attacked by anti-Fascists, the Police take details 13/8/11

A Peace Rally was held in Birmingham only a few days after 3 young men were murdered in Winson Green. Emotions were very raw, and one of the speakers had to be comforted by friends and family members. 14/8/11

The very loud and energetic drummers - one of the many music troupes at the Notting Hill Carnival 29/8/11

The EDL collect outside Aldgate Tube station in "lower" Tower Hamlets ( more like the City)...some goading of the Police 3/9/11

Mechanised mobile illuminated fish at the Derby Feste...and a young spectator gets smoked. 24/9/11

The Grigoryan family of Stepanakert (Nagorno-Karabakh) who allowed me to interview them about their son, a soldier in the war, who has been missing since 1994. 10/10/11

At the War Memorial , an old man spots his colleague's name amongst those of thousands that have fallen. His grandchildren look on. 13/11/11

A demonstration against the questionable counting practices during the Russian elections; outside the "Mother of Parliaments" 10/12/11

A graphic picture held up by a Congolese protestor in London against the recent election results and the millions of people dying and being killed in his country. 10/12/11

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