Ed Miliband – the new Thought Police

I’ve always thought that Ed Miliband had that look about him of a slightly irritating, swatty, sixth-former who was clever and knew it. But in being so clever, lacks some social skills, exhibits awkwardness and is never part of the grown-up crowd. He strikes me as someone who will struggle to really influence and convince anyone of his authority – I don’t believe that this is because of his youth – he just doesn’t engage – and if you can’t engage you can’t be a politician – you’re an academic – and that’s what he is. He is certainly not a leader.

A leader will, through charisma, knowledge, experience, power of intuition, “painter of pictures” take the people one is leading, towards the vision – wherever and whatever that may be….through leadership, not diktat.

The rot is already showing…Miliband has sent a memo to his front-bench team banning the use of the word “coalition”. This is on the basis that it does not convey the right message about the government, that it has an “ideological, right wing agenda”. The correct term to be used will be “Conservative led government”.

So the rest of us will be using one word and the Labour front-bench will be rigidly ignoring this and emphasising a Conservative-led government – I shall look forward to how ridiculous this looks.

What next – doctoring of photos to remove David from history?

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2 replies

  1. Look forward to seeing your column in the Times.

  2. I love it how Labour use the word “ideological” as a form of attack against the government. This seemed to pop up in the last days of Brown.

    They are attempting to pursue to term “ideological” in a negative manner. I suppose only tories can be “ideological” and massive taxes, creating a welfare culture, running government up spending is perfectly not “ideological” at all.

    Every political idea is to an extent ideologically motivated.

    How stupid are these people?

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