One-Liner Week 19 December 2010

Richard Holbrooke, US Diplomat dies – most notably responsible for brokering the end of the Balkans way in mid-90’s.

Councils announce cuts of between 5-10% in spending following the Spending Review

Julian Assange of Wikileaks allowed out of Wandsworth Jail on £200k bail then promptly put back inside as the Swedish prosecutors appealed. Assange finally released on 16 December 2010 on bail.

Silvio Berlusconi wins vote of confidence to confirm him as Italian Premier

Unemployment begins to rise again in UK – by 35000 to 2.5 million

Greek protestors in general strike against austerity measures

2 Policeman stabbed in Ealing, UK during a routine ticket examination

House of Lords pass increase in Students Tuition Fees

Large snow falls in UK cause widescale disruption in airports, road and rail – prospect of oil shortages, lack of grit, and general disquiet over our ability to cope – again.

Internet Service providers asked to block porn sites without parental permission. Slippery slope.

Captain Beefheart the avant garde musician dies

UK Uncut “Payday” of action across the country targetting Arcadia and Vodafone stores on last Saturday before Xmas.

David Beckham gets lifetime achievement award at BBC Sports Personality of the Year event – at ripe old age of 35.

South Korea prepares for live military exercises on the island of Yeonpyeong – scene of the recent bombing by North Korea – like a “tinder box”

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