Joanna Yeates Murder – How to make a story out of nothing.

So, Sky News and the rest of the media are telling the story that the landlord of the flats where Joanna Yeates lived, saw her leave with 2 other people on the night in question.  This, as reported, then would suggest that the murder may have taken place away from the flats. Sky then report  “He ( the landlord) told police he saw three people leaving her flat and one of them may have been Joanna Yeates”…but he could not confirm whether they were men or women. When asked on video footage, the landlord made it clear that what he told the police was “very, very, very much vaguer than that”. Sky reporter then asked ” So you didn’t see her that evening?” – his response “I certainly cannot say that I saw Joanna Yeates that evening, no”

In summary, we are not clear what was said, what gender the people were, whether one of them was Joanna Yeates and there may be no connection with the case at all. However it does satisfy our desire for trivia and rumour, and the media’s desperation for something to broadcast. Where is journalistic integrity?

I’m no Sherlock Holmes but you buy a large pizza, and get some booze, you’re probably going to be sharing it with someone. If you leave the flat ( no forced entry or signs of a scuffle) , without your coat, purse, or keys, then that’s because you’re with someone who has a key, and lives in the same block of flats….perhaps to share the pizza with..whilst your boyfriend’s away?..or possibly with your boyfriend?

Some unsubstantiated meanderings that the media could make a story out of.

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