Joanna Yeates Murder – Landlord points finger at himself

After the voluminous twittering throughout the media about the apparent new evidence by the Landlord yesterday – we now have a step forwards. The “news” about the 3 people outside the flats that may, or may not have, included Joanna, obviously did not add up for the Police, as it certainly looked very dodgy to the lay observer. The Landlord’s partial rebuttal on Sky News made it a non-story and it just started the finger pointing in his general direction. Why make a “very,very,very” vague statement unless your objective was obfuscation? It is highly unlikely that anyone would leave the flat without their purse, keys and mobile phone.

Whether he is guilty will be determined through due process – I don’t buy the wet-liberals who think that a few tweets and internet gossip will compromise the case – that’s what happens all of the time. This is unlikely to be down to some subtle nuance of facts, and a nano-gram of DNA in the wrong place – the evidence will speak for itself.

I am sure that this terrible event will turn out to be the consequence of an infatuation by the perpetrator which got tragically out of hand.

I hope, for the sake of the parents, family and friends that they can get closure as quickly as possible.


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