Ed Miliband makes profound statement about VAT increase!

Fortunately, for us, we have Ed Miliband as the leader of the Opposition who has not let the Coalition Government ( or the Conservative-led government as he likes to call it) get away with the subtle publicity over the VAT increase. Also, because the population has a low average IQ, in his eyes, he feels it necessary to remind us that an increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20% will cost us more. Well, I think we could have worked that out for ourselves!

As reported by the Press Association:

“The rise – from 17.5% to 20% – will hinder economic growth, cost thousands of jobs and make it even harder for families to make ends meet when they are already feeling squeezed”, he will say.

Ed, lets not forget that food, children’s clothing, books, heating, electricity are all zero-rated or at 5% and unaffected by this rate increase – so this is not necessarily a massive burden over the constant increase in petrol and diesel costs. Its not quite clear where the thousands of jobs figure comes from and sounds like political scaremongering. The majority of businesses will be VAT registered and can therefore recover the VAT  increase back from the Customs and Excise.

In the same way that the country was lukewarm to the temporary reduction in the VAT rate by 2.5%, then those who think a little harder about it will realise that it is relatively insignificant across the total family costs. None of us will want to pay more, but given that most of the essentials are not affected then it does not feel like armageddon. ( Judicious buying of large value items will mitigate the 2.5%)

This is just another example of an ineffectual leader of the Labour Party, who far from being a modern day force for opposition is trotting out cliches from the “Boy’s Book of Politics” that a child could have written. He is adding no value or incisive comment to the debate, and people will dismiss him as a figure of fun, and source of pointless intervention.

Ed, you really must try harder…and be more profound, and show some leadership, otherwise the Coalition government will run away with their agenda and it will not be challenged in Parliament…and to paraphrase your statement from later today…

“Today we start to see the Tory-led agenda move from Downing Street to your street,”

..or in this case  – Today we start to see the opposition to the Coalition agenda move from Parliament to your street

When are you going to have some balls, Ed?

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