One-Liner Week January 2 2011

14 yr old Serena Beakhurst, who went missing from her home in Tulse Hill, Lambeth, London still remains unaccounted for. In the absence of any media attention, family and friends ( aided by Stephen Fry and Sarah Brown on Twitter) initiate a social network campaign to drive the publicity. Find Serena Beakhurst Facebook Page Comparison with Joanna Yeates case is profound – there is a suggestion of Missing White Woman Syndrome – Serena is mixed race.

Major airports on the US East Coast are closed down as a result of heavy snow. Airports now opened after a few days but will take much longer for the schedules to be back in place.

Confirmed that Joanna Yeates was murdered in Bristol, from strangulation.  Police believe that it was someone she knew. Landlord, Chris Jefferies arrested for questioning and then subsequently released on police bail. Investigation continues.

England win the Ashes series and retain the crown against a relatively poor Australian side.

Elton John and partner, David Furnish, adopt a baby born to a surrogate woman, at their request. Worst form of celebrity fashion accessory ever!

Simon Hughes of Lib Dem Party is given a “poisoned chalice” as the Governments spokesman on how poorer children get access to higher education despite the new tuition fee structure. He will also have responsibility for the replacement for the Education Maintenance Allowance; the scrapping of which he was critical. Interesting move by Cameron/Clegg – get your worst critic to come up with the proposal.

Coalition proposals to define the “Big Society” are looking at the option of people being able to give to charity at cash machines

African leaders from Sierra Leone, Benin and Cape Verde give an ultimatum to Ivory Coast President, President Gbagbo to accept the election results and relinquish power. There is a danger that this will escalate into military action.

Up to 60,000 people in Northern Ireland have had no continuous water supply for over a week. The water system has suffered from an unusual amount of cracked pipes due to the recent gold weather…and, no doubt, years of under-investment. The health of the people affected must be at risk.

Major floods hit Australia – covers an area largely than France and Germany combined.

40th anniversary of the death of 66 people at Ibrox stadium

Spain introduces tough new smoking ban, which includes smoking in children’s playgrounds and outside hospitals.

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