One-Liner Week 9th January 2011

Hungary picks up the reigns of the EU presidency for the next 6 months, which should be interesting, as they seem to be sliding back into their old communist ways…including the freedom of the press.

Top British actor, Pete Postlewaithe dies at the age of 64 from cancer.

Plastic bags are now banned in Italy – can they cope with cultural change?

Gerry Rafferty singer – in Stealer’s Wheel and singer of Baker Street dies at 63

Court Inquiry of Dr Conrad commences to assess if there is a case to be answered  for his alleged involuntary manslaughter charge in respect of the death of Michael Jackson.

England win the Ashes cricket series in Australia and retain the Ashes trophy – seen to be a major event in English cricket, as we have not done this for 24 years.

Sudan is on the verge of a split into 2 with the largely Christian ( and traditional religions) wanting to secede from the north ( Arabic and Muslim). They have been at war since independence 50 years ago. The south is larger than France and Germany combined and has very little infrastructure so will struggle to operate independently.

David Chaytor – ex-MP found guilty for fraudulently claiming parliamentary expenses and has been sent to jail for 18 months. Hopefully this will make people think.

Certain foods have been removed from shelves in UK following the statement that eggs from Germany may have contained toxic dioxins.

Gunman in Arizona goes on a shooting spree at a political rally – killing 6, injuring others as well as Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot through the brain – at present she is doing well.

Jack Straw causes a mini-upset when he suggests that men of Pakistani origin see white girls as “easy meat” – this is following 2 men in Derby being found guilty of grooming, raping and other despicable acts on young white girls. Speaking the truth, or too much of a generalisation? Time will tell.

David and Victoria Beckham announce that they are expecting a fourth child – no truth in the rumour that its going to be called Tottenham!

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