Climate change brainwashing of young people

The Observer on 9th Jan 2011 published an interesting article called “No Country for Young people” where they interviewed a number of people about their views on the world today including economic prospects, personal and global outlook.  One person, who I will not name to avoid embarrassment, is described as being 22 years old and part of the Youth Climate Coalition in Sheffield  and so should be informed about the subject of climate change.

I quote from her interview:

“Civilisation has developed in a world whose climate has been fairly stable for 10,000 years. Now we’re putting all these greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and causing these unprecedented extreme events which are going to affect people in the UK and also in developing countries. Rising sea levels and forest fires. Look at the flooding in Australia. These sorts of things we can probably expect more of”

She is part of an organisation called the Youth Advisory panel who are writing a report for the Department of Energy on what the energy system should be like in 2050.

Anyone who thinks that the climate has been fairly stable for the last 10,000 years has clearly not studied the subject much beyond the basic climate activist primer text book.

10,000 years ago was the end of the last Ice Age when one could walk from England to France without fear of drowning – there was no English Channel. From that point the sea levels rose. From then until the 1800’s there were 5 unusually warm periods referred to as the Holocene Climate Optimum, the Roman Climate Optimum, and the Medieval Warm Period. These were divided by much cooler periods. In the 1800’s there was a mini-Ice age ( people skating across the River Thames, for example) and we are now moving back into a warm period, hence the rise in temperatures.

The “hockey stick” chart ( published by Michael Mann)  which supposedly is the proof for the global warming theory and pedalled by Al Gore, has now been universally discreditted. Sadly it is still used to “prove” the global warming trends.

The interviewee regurgitates the scaremongering myth that there is a relationship between climate change, global warming and extreme weather. However the climate change scientists  also use bland weather as well as extreme weather as an indicator of climate change – the truth is they don’t know and their theory is collapsing around them. They can’t even decide if the Antarctic is getting colder or warmer – such is the inconsistency of the scientific reporting.

This paucity of challenging and inquisitive thought from a young person is very disappointing to observe.

Please do not believe “point-blank” what you are spoon-fed by the media, the governments and the scientists…this is not going to move us forwards – I don’t know about “No Country for young people” – it’ll be more like “No Future for Young People”.

…and to repeat my favourite quote:

“Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost”

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  1. Rusell, I’m glad that you are willing to examine the evidence, so let us do just that.

    You are right to say that 10,000 years ago we were just coming out of an ice age, but since then the climate has been relatively stable. For the past 8,000 years the global average climate has not been more than two degrees warmer or cooler than it is now. It is under these conditions that the human race has flourished. Have a look at the oxygen isotope ratios (a proxy for temperature) data from the Vostok ice cores if you don’t believe me. And yes, this does take into account phenomenon like the little ice age and the medieval warm period which never increased or decreased global average temperatures by more than two degrees. I don’t think you’ll find anyone who can provide evidence to the contrary, but please let me know if you do.

    We are now facing the prospect of temperature rises of four degrees or more (see for example the recent Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A special issue on this topic). The human species has never had to deal with this type of climatic changes, and certainly never at a rate of warming this fast. This is the backdrop to the girl from Sheffield’s comments, which in this light do not look remotely extremist.

    Upon examining this evidence I hope that you agree with me.

  2. Niel, Thank you for responding to my post.
    I don’t disagree with your facts as presented. My concern is the interpretation of the facts, the speculation over what will happen in the future, and man’s contribution to that future change.
    I am not a scientist and can only apply some common sense to what I read and hear across many different sources. I find it disconcerting that the mainstream scientific community, and the population at large, have decided that the AGW theory is proven beyond dispute ( and any dispute is considered to be the ramblings of a crackpot), is absolute fact and based on an unquestionable body of empirical evidence.

    This is clearly not the case, the data collected, models used are by no means complete and thorough, and it is disingenuous for the science community to suggest otherwise. We do not understand all aspects of the climate system – we probably know very little of its workings and yet we can determine temperature changes at a 50 year horizon very accurately.

    I don’t buy it, and an increasing number of people are sceptical. We should be allowed to have a balanced discussion on this. In the meantime billions of pounds are being spent on schemes which have no provable effect on the climate.

    You make the point that the human species has never had to deal with this sort of climatic change – but this cannot be the case – modern man has been around for c. 100,000 years +, ( up to several million years with earlier forms) and so has been through the previous ice age. and inter-glacial peiods. Our success is our adaptability.

    The climate changes – I’m not sure why we feel that this is not part of the natural course of events and why it has to be solely down to human intervention.

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