Bahrain : Revolution on St Valentine’s day

The revolution in Bahrain is less than a week old, and seems to be running on the heels of the Egyptian protests. St Valentine’s Day in the UK – referred to, now, as Bahrain’s Day of Rage against a monarchy and regime which is now showing its true colours. The death toll so far is 8, and the government are using force to break the protestors.

Last Thursday morning, protestors who were sleeping in the now iconic Pearl Square, were rudely awakened by riot police, killing and injuring hundreds of people including women and children. The ruling monarchy gave instructions to the hospital staff not to treat the wounded – a dictate which shows the utter contempt that the monarchy has for the people of this small country.

The rot has now set in for the ruling Al Khalifa dynasty ; the genie is out of the bottle as the whole world now knows more of the realities behind this particular regime. Obama has called for restraint and there are signs of calming of the tensions – however there will only be one end that the Bahraini people will settle for, and that is regime change. They have seen it in Tunisia, and Egypt, they will feel that their time is now.

A reasonable sized demonstration formed outside of the Bahrain Embassy in London on 19th February 2011 with some very emotional speakers – including reports from people who had been caught up in the early morning violence on Thursday.

Full portfolio of pictures from the Bahrain Embassy 19th February 2011

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  1. Names of the injured or dead in these pictures please we need to verify images used against know list of the dead

    too many fakes doing the rounds including videos of people being killed on days ehen nobody was – for if they where they haven’t been buried yet NO FUNERALS – many images used have been from traffic accidents

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