One-Liner Week 20th Feb 2010

The success of the revolution in Egypt spreads to Bahrain and Libya. The authorities in Bahrain have reportedly attacked the people resulting in a number of deaths. Colonel Gadaffi’s response in Libya is more contemptuous of the protestors. It is reported that hundreds of people have been killed, and that Gadaffi’s son warned that they would fight to the last man standing.

Protests have also flared up in Yemen and Algeria.

Inflation in the UK rises by 0.3% to a “staggering” 4% as the effects of the VAT increase pass through. I suspect that most households will not notice the 0.3% ( 30p in £100). Conversation grows about whether interest rates should rise. This sounds premature.

Government does a massive U-turn on the Forestry sell-off scheme. This potentially opens the flood-gates to further protest about future public spending cut / funding opportunities.

5 bodies found burned in a bank following anti-government protests in Morocco.


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