One-Liner Week 27th February 2011

Fighting continues in Libya, senior diplomats defect, a fighter jet lands in Malta seeking asylum. Opposition forces gain ground, as many of the non-Libyan nationals flee from the country. The UK response is somewhat ponderous initially, but a raid in the desert by some Hercules transporters and SAS rescue a number of oil workers in the desert. Gadaffi turns on his own people much to the disgust of the rest of the world – his back is against the wall. Civil war seems inevitable

The Bahrain Grand Prix – the first of the season – is cancelled due to unrest.

David Cameron is the first leader to visit the new military “government” in Egypt.

Oil jumps to $105 a barrel following Libya protests, and then to $120 no doubt this will be passed straight through to the pump price.

Christchurch is hit by a major earthquake registering 6.3 on the scale killing hundreds of people with many still missing.

A King’s Speech wins all the key Oscars, trouncing the usually US biased awards.

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