One-Liner Week 6th March 2011

The conflict in Libya deepens and becomes more concerning. Gadaffi seems to becoming more and more desperate with stories of him firing and bombing his own people. Alot of people are making their way to the borders to escape. Brave rescues by the SAS, get a few stranded people from the desert area. There is talk of establishing a no-fly zone – although this seems to  involve some form of military intervention. Surely we are not going to have a repeat of Iraq?

Labour wins the Barnsley by-election. The Lib-Dems come well down behind the BNP and lose their deposit. Hardly surprising in many ways – but they are certainly the fall guys for the coalition.

Travel advice is given by the US and UK government to avoid Yemen. I didn’t think it was the average package tour destination

Saudi Arabia bans public protest….as concern mounts about the revolution spreading. There is scaremongering talk of petrol in the UK going to £2/litre….up 50%.

China has cracked down on dissent and foreign journalists on fears that the rebellions in the Middle East will spread.

Colin Firth wins Best Actor for A King’s Speech – the film also wins Best Film and Best Director

Ireland go to the polls and vote in a coalition government – good luck with that! The aptly titled Fianna Fail ex-government lived up to its name.

John Miner dies at the age of 92 – former LA prosecutor who concluded that Marilyn Monroe was murdered. He was also present at the post-mortems of Bobby Kennedy and the victims of the Charles Manson “family” murders

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