My Photographic Year 2008

Having only just acquired my 1st DSLR in December 2007, it was just a question of getting out and about and photographing whatever I could. I quickly came to the conclusion that sporting events, demonstrations and the like were a ready made supply of “models” to practice on. My first forays into violent demonstrations, and interesting foreign places, as subjects, helped me to develop my own style and interests.

Early morning frost by the river - a fisherman on his bike, makes his way to get the prime spot

Motor bike racing at Mallory Park, Leicestershire - some severe cornering at the Hairpin

A small group of women discuss outside the Aldermaston weapons establishment

A young girl stops for a brief respite as she walks up a steep hill in Kiev, clutching tightly on to her toy dragon

A woman attending the Communist Party Rally in Kiev grips her picture of Joseph Stalin, while the rest of the crowd listen to the speeches

My first experience of violent interaction between Police and protestors on the occasions of the Anti-George Bush demonstration

Couple of lads in Belfast chatting during the Orange Order Marches - interesting hair arrangements

The BNP security at the entrance to the farm hosting their "Red, White and Blue" festival in Codnor

Touching moment at the Notting Hill carnival...with an interloper in the background

Belarus may be the last outpost of tyranny and a repressive regime, but the girls do like to keep in step with their man.

Solemn remembrance of fallen colleagues on a very wet day.

Perfect models at the Motorcycle show....

Winter descends on the local barges

Poignant statue at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas

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