One-Liner Week 10th April 2011

Rupert Murdoch, and News International finally apologised for hacking into the voicemails of a large number of celebrities, and notable individuals. This brings to a close, the first phase of this sordid affair – I’m sure this will continue to run as we realise that some senior people have been involved. Follow the money!

An officer was shot, and killed, on board HMS Astute as it was docked in Southampton. A man is being held for murder.

The Coalition’s proposal for the NHS seem to be running aground, and potentially being revisited in some form.

Interest rates in the UK are held firm at 0.5%

50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space. This Russian cosmonaut was the first man to leave the earth’s atmosphere.

The UN Mission to protect civilians in Libya continues with daily bombing. Fierce fighting is continuing in Ajdabiya in eastern Libya, with Col Gaddafi’s forces pushing back rebels. An African Union mission has arrived in Libya to try to negotiate a ceasefire between rebel forces and those loyal to Gaddafi.

A peaceful revolution in Yemen, has brought stability to a country riddled with war and conflict. The people call on Saleh to leave.

Laurent Gbagbo still rejects the election results from last November. A crisis now ensues within the Ivory Coast as the Muslim north and Christian south are on the verge of civil war. UN investigators find more than 100 bodies which seem to be the subject of ethnically based massacres.

Anti-Government demonstrations have spread across Syria; a heavy crackdown by security forces has seen at least 20 people killed.

Sydney Lumet, Director of Serpico, Network and 12 Angry Men dies at the age of 86.

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