AV is just for losers

I hope that the vote today puts to bed the sham that is AV. This is not because I am against any fairer form of voting, or democracy, or something that it is progressive – I’m just against anything that purports to be better than the current position, or that it is followed on dogmatic grounds with no discernible benefit.

Lets be very clear, AV is FPTP, with the added complication / advantage ( depending on your perspective) of using people’s 2nd/3rd etc preferences to make up the gap to 50%. This is NOT anything remotely like proportional representation – so why the liberal lobby have clung to this band-wagon is beyond me.

It only makes a difference if :

a) a substantial proportion of people declare 2nd / 3rd preferences, which no one is required to do
b) a substantial proportion of people are voting for minor parties, and then subsequently voting for more major parties for their lesser preferences.
e.g. If you vote Labour / Conservative ..and then Green / UKIP etc – then those lower preferences will not count as they will be knocked out before the main parties, so AV is no advantage.
If you vote Green, and then Labour /Lib / Con then you will have an opportunity for your 2nd preference to count, as Green will be most likely to be eliminated first.

Essentially what the system is saying – “don’t vote for a minority party” – vote only for a mainstream party – hence the reason why the BNP are unhappy with it.

Given that 88% of the votes at the last election were cast for the 3 main parties, then all this is doing is giving those 12% who voted for the myriad of minor parties the opportunity to vote for one of the main 3 – how is this really any different to the FPTP….and this assumes that they have nominated a 2nd preference.

Just because Eddie Izzard supported the YES campaign does not make it “cool”/”trendy”/”liberal”..or progressive – he is just as misguided as the rest of them. This is not fairer – its just a different form of FPTP

Bottom line – its only any use if your first preference is to vote for a loser!

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  1. Hear hear….

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