Armenian Genocide ; Eye-Witness Accounts ( Part 6)

In 1916, a book was published entitled “The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-16. Documents presented to Viscount Grey of Fallodon, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs”, by Viscount Bryce which contained a comprehensive collection of documents produced by a variety of people who were eye-witnesses to the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. This research and abridged summary is taken directly from an original copy published at the time by His Majesty’s Stationery Office in London.


Document 12:  Information regarding events in Armenia, published in the “Sonnenaufgang” (Organ of the “German League for the Promotion of Christian Charitable Work in the East”), October 1915, and in the “Allgemeine Missions Zeitschrift”, November 1915.

Between the 10th and 30th May, 1200 of the most prominent Armenians and other Christians, without distinction of confession, were arrested in the Vilayets of Diyarbekir and Mamouret-ul-Aziz. On the 30th May, 674 of them were embarked on 13 Tigris barges, under the pretext that they were to be taken to Mosul. …A short time after the start the prisoners were stripped of all their money ( about £6000 Turkish) and then of their clothes; after that they were thrown into the river. The gendarmes on the bank were ordered to let none of them escape. The clothes of these victims were sold in the market of Diyarbekir.

…It is said that in Diyarbekir 5 or 6 priests were stripped naked one day, smeared with tar, and dragged through the streets.

In the village of Tel-Armen and in the neighbouring villages about 5000 people were massacred, leaving only a few women and children. The people were thrown alive down wells or into the fire. They pretend that the Armenians are to be employed in colonising land situated at a distance of from 24 to 30 kilometres from the Baghdad railway. But as it is only the women and children who are sent into exile, since all the men are at war, this means nothing less than the wholesale murder of the families, since they have neither the labour nor the capital for clearing the country.

For a whole month corpses were observed floating down the River Euphrates nearly every day, often in batches from 2 to 6 corpses bound together. The male corpses are in many cases hideously mutilated ( sexual organs cut off), the female corpses are ripped open….The corpses stranded on the banks are devoured by dogs and vultures. To this fact there are many German eye-witnesses…An employee of the Baghdad Railway has brought the information that the prisons of Biredjik are filled regularly every day and emptied every night – into the Euphrates.

The following telegram was sent to Aleppo from Arabkir:

“We have accepted the True Religion. Now we are all right”

The inhabitants of a village near Anderoum went over to Islam and had to hold to it. At Hadjin six families wanted to become Muslim. They received the verdict. ” Nothing under 100 families will be accepted”.

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