Khojaly/Khojalu propaganda – How Azerbaijan changed the numbers!

The current Azerbaijani propaganda on Khojaly/Khojalu is that 613 people were killed. The National Assembly (Milli Majlis) of Azerbaijan passed this statement on February 24 1994 ( the 2nd Anniversary) confirming that only 335 people died.

It also states that “The tragedy took place in Khojaly….”, a few miles south west of Askeran. The Mustafayev video of the dead bodies is not from Khojaly; this is in the region between Nakhijevanik and Aghdam, north east of Askeran. The geography of the area is conclusive. Parts of the video show the cameraman panning round to show Askeran with the hills in the foreground.

These are just 2 aspects of the “Azerbaijani Khojaly Propaganda” which are inconsistent

Full article Khojaly: The Deception of Azerbaijan
Pres appeal 335 people killed

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  1. I am from Azerbaijan.I was born in 1993.I can’t see Karabagh war.But my parents participated in Karabagh war.My father was injured in this war.He says me Armenians coming to our land.And then with Russian help they occupied our land.My grandmother lived in Khocali.So ? İ don’t think my grandmother lies me.

    • Rizvan
      Thank you for your comment. Did your Father tell you that 120,000 Armenians who were living in Karabakh before the war, and had lived there for centuries? Did he tell you about the 350,000 Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan, and the killings in Baku, Sumgait, Kirovobad etc? Many Azerbaijanis were displaced during the war as well. Your Grandmother was telling the truth – she had to leave Khojalu like many others, and go to safety in Aghdam. The war started in 1988 as the Armenians of Karabakh voted democratically to become part of Armenia – allowed under Soviet rules – Azerbaijan didn’t approve and started the aggression. Armenian response was to defend their homes and families. The war never needed to have happened if Azerbaijan had respected democracy.

  2. Yes,he tells me Azerbaijanians and Armenians live in Karabagh like brothers.But he says it is our land. Azerbaijanian land.I think if you live in my land you can.İ don’t know about election but my thought you mustnt steal from your home.So if election are true Armenians are thieves.İ think so.But each man have own think

  3. If you live somewhere for centuries, and continue to live there, how can you have stolen anything? In what way is it Azerbaijan land, when you didn’t exist as a country before the 1920s? The vote in 1988 was expressing the wish of the people, that is the modern way. Azerbaijan responded with old tribal responses of war. We have to concentrate on practical ways for the future not endless debates on whose land it is. At the moment there are no Azeris living in Nagorno-Karabakh – that fact we know.

  4. Debates are endless you are right.I think it have other ways.And last question where are you from ?

  5. can you give me your fb address ?

  6. thank you.

  7. Since ancient history where armenians lived they began to demand the territories as if their own. Irevan had been a khanate within Azerbaijan. As Russell Pollard writes if all ethnic nations vote for their determinations and become a part of other countries then many of states are to be separated in the world. A lot of ethnic minorities live in Azerbaijan kurds, jews, talish, haput, lezgins and many others if they vote for new government of their own what will be the result. On the turn of Armenians they had come from Syria, Irag, Eastern Turkey and Iran at the end of 18s century and first half of 19s with the help of Russian Char. During the USSR they began to actively settle in Karabagh and other parts of Azerbaijan. Firstly they lived as brothers then began their hostile atitudes. Not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries where they lived they began territorial claims. Now the result is that Azerbaijan develops and becomes richer from year to year and armenia goes deeper of the well. Since ancient times they had lived on other’s expence like now. How long Russia will feed you, i dont know.

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