Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh): Self-determination problem – case comparisons.

The resolution of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) can only be achieved through the progressive perspective of listening to the will of the people , and accepting their right to self-determination. In a modern world, an argument for territorial integrity which contradicts this, has no moral basis.  I have listed a few articles I have written which draw comparisons with other situations in the world where self-determination dominated the conclusion….and therefore represent some hope for Artsakh.


Artsakh Peace and Recognition: The future is not in the past.

“The objective has to be to re-position this whole issue as a humanitarian one, and not a legalistic and historical one”

Scotland Independence bid; No help for Artsakh

“If the Artsakh people are looking for a parallel with Scotland’s quest for independence, then this will only lead to great disappointment and political irrelevance”

Self-Determination; The Falkland Islands vote could help Artsakh

“The Government and people of Artsakh should watch with great interest, as this could provide a powerful precedent as to the way forward with their situation”

Northern Ireland : Echoes for Artsakh

“This is the principle that should apply to Artsakh, and the similarities between the two far outweigh the dissimilarities; it is all about the future and the will of the people, and no longer about the past.”

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