Student Tuition Fees Protest: Before the Violence.

Much has been written about the violence at Millbank Tower, in Parliament Square, the vandalism of government and public property, the dropping of the fire extinguisher, the destruction of a “fake” police van, the kettling, the thugs, youths, anarchists, the police violence, the fires, smoke bombs, the missiles being thrown at everyone, and the hours and hours of TV footage, and miles and miles of newspaper commentary – and tiresome volumes of post-event philosophising.

But, before all of that happened.

It was a beautiful sunny day on the 10th November 2010. A truly phenomenal, and impressive number of students gathered at the top of Whitehall – the atmosphere was carnival like, much fun, merriment, but with a single, important purpose.

We have all overlooked what it was like ….before the violence…..!

Link for full gallery of photographs Student Tuition Fees Protest : Before the Violence

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2 replies

  1. Russell

    I am so glad someone has pointed this out. Before the trouble that has been blown out of proportion it was a truly wonderful day.

  2. Thanks Dave…it was only when I was looking back through my photographs I was reminded of the happy positive faces.

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