My Photographic Year 2009

2008 was my first year of experimenting with a number of events, (having just purchased my 1st DSLR in Dec 2007) and developing interests in a range of subjects, 2009 was a good year for consolidation. As I look back, and trying to limit the number of photographs, I am pleasantly surprised by the number of images vying for position in this list. The number of protests I went to rose rapidly, but I also explored non-violent subjects, just to maintain some breadth.

A young Muslim girl waits on Embankment for the start of the 1st Gaza march through London, ending at the Israeli Embassy. It was marred by some cumbersome police tactics in the underpass by Hyde Park Corner.

The march from the BBC headquarters ( who had refused to air an appeal for the victims of the Israeli bombing of Gaza) was squeezed through Picadilly Circus causing an outbreak of violence. A young girl, and a police officer look on anxiously

At a day out in Skegness a young lad is presented with an impossible number of choices of ice cream; fortunately a decision is made, quickly

Waiting patiently, whilst being kettled at the G20 demonstrations in the area by the Bank of England; there is an air of disassociation.

The Met Police start to lose their patience at the G20 demonstrations and a couple of girls are left looking very shaken as the batons come down on a number of people

An otherwise, relatively peaceful "Smash EDO" demonstration in Brighton finally flares up as it passes McDonalds, and the horses appear from nowhere, together with a few helpful smoke bombs

During a rally in Tbilisi (Georgia) to oust President Saakashvilli, a few of the young speakers seek advice from one of the elder statesmen on the stage.

Violent theatricals during a protest by the Tamils in London, highlighting the poor treatment of their nationals in Sri Lanka

Macabre theatricals in Trafalgar Square as a performer cuts into his arm; a young girl looks on with some bewilderment.

When all around are enjoying themselves at the Notting Hill Carnival, these pair are feeling worse for some unknown cocktail of narcotics.

An early, small, protest by the English Defence League in Piccadilly Circus - strained looks as the Al-Quds march goes past - red wrag to a bull

Raw emotions from a woman, and son, as they observe, silently, the grave of their husband/father who was killed in the Nagorno-Karabagh war in 1993. Taken at Yerablur military cemetery in Yerevan, Armenia

Spectacular view from Yerevan, Armenia, of Mount Ararat - one of the spiritual symbols of the Armenians, now in Turkey.

The EDL and UAF stare across at each other in Manchester. This was in the days when the 2 opposing groups could see each other during the demonstration.

Confrontation between supporters of the EDL and UAF in Leeds.

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