Letter to Peru Ambassador to the UK re: Policy on Khojaly Recognition

Dear Mr. Julio Muñoz-Deacon

 Please accept my apologies if I have broken with protocol in sending this email direct to yourself.

 I felt that I needed to express my concern, as a UK citizen, about the actions taken by the Peruvian Government with respect to the events that took place in Khojaly in 1992 during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. I was very surprised to discover that Peruvian Government had chosen to make a public statement in support of Azerbaijan on an event that is enshrouded in much controversy,  by  consenting to refer to it as a “genocide”.

 I am very aware that Peru is keen to develop trade relations with Azerbaijan and acknowledging a little known event as a “Genocide” may be considered to be a small price to pay for the possibility of substantial investment. Unfortunately your Government is unwittingly being complicit in a propaganda campaign that contributes to the prolongation of the “frozen conflict” of the Nagorno-Karabakh war, and only serves to reinforce the anti-Armenian rhetoric that the Azerbaijani Government promotes. The 150,000 people of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic just want to have their basic human rights and to live in peace in the land in which they were born and their ancestors lived ( or for some,  to settle peacefully as refugees from Azerbaijan)

 I invite you to read my article which presents the facts  in more detail.

 Khojaly: The Deception of Azerbaijan

 For your convenience I have copied my article summary below. You will see that there are some very serious questions to be answered about Azerbaijan’s role in this situation and it is convenient  for them to lay the blame at the door of the Karabakhi Armenian forces, and ignore some very dubious actions on their part which led a large number of the citizens of Khojaly into a battlefield situation.

 I am a UK citizen, I have no Armenian lineage, and have visited Nagorno-Karabakh on 9 occasions in the last 3 years. My interest in this  is simply humanitarian

I appreciate that the foreign policy actions taken by the Peruvian Government will have been taken in the best interests of the Peruvian people however, the only losers will be the innocent people of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. I urge you , please, to review your policy with respect to the recognition of the events in Khojaly.

 If I can be of any assistance in discussing this further with you by email, or in person, then please let me know.

 Yours sincerely

 Russell Pollard

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