Khojaly : Meeting with Ambassador – Embassy of Mexico in London

After writing to the Mexican Ambassador in the UK on a number of occasions plus many follow-up phone calls on their “recognition” of Khojaly last year , I was finally invited to discuss the subject, in person, at their London office, on March 12 2014.

Having also written to the Colombian, Czech, and Peruvian embassies, Mexico was the only Embassy that expressed genuine concern about this subject, and particularly the way that their name was being used by Azerbaijan for propaganda purposes. In addition to expressing support for Azerbaijan on Khojaly, Mexico City had also erected a statue of Aliyev in their main public park. This was subsequently removed which resulted in political tension with Azerbaijan.

My meeting with Ambassador Alejandro Estivill  was an opportunity to take him through the detail of my article Khojaly: The Deception of Azerbaijan and to explain more of the contextual background to the events as well as ensuring that he fully understood all of the implications. I presented the sequence of events, and the objective source facts. He understood very quickly the issues I was explaining, and saw the questions that this raised with the Azeri propaganda. I asked him to accept that there was significant ambiguity and that perhaps Azeri officials should be invited to answer the questions that he had raised.

Following my original communication he had done his own research in to how Azerbaijan was using the name of Mexico for their own publicity. This was a matter of concern to him. I also highlighted that, externally, it was seen that Mexico was “recognising” Khojaly in return for investment from Azerbaijan. He assured me that  this was not true.

He confirmed that his next action would be to send all of my documentation to Ambassador Juan Manuel Gomez Robledo ( Foreign Ministry of Mexico – Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights) in Mexico.

Meeting the Ambassador and communicating the real facts behind Khojaly, highlighting the questions that need to be asked,  and so creating a major sense of concern with key officials in the  Mexican Government exceeded my initial expectations. Now, Mexico’s unconditional withdrawal of their previous statement on Khojaly is the only final outcome that I will be truly satisfied with.

As I was about to leave his office at the end of the meeting , he turned to me with a serious expression and asked me if I felt concerned for my safety or had received personal threats from Azerbaijan. I smiled, as I knew, for certain, that he had genuinely understood the magnitude of the information I’d just given him.

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  1. Hello

    I am amazed that this is being carried out by a non-Armenian, it also baffles me when I se the inaction of the Armenian government to counter Azeri lies, which so far has not made any solid steps by at least sending a delegation to countries which chose to blindly recognize this so-called Genocide to shed light on the falsifications and lies of Azeirs.

    Thank you sir for your efforts, may God bless you and reward you for your honesty.

    One thing I would like to note is the proof of falsified faked photos used by Azerbaijan in their propaganda campaign about Khojaly events, Azerbaijan has been using photos taken from other disasters, conflicts and regions on a massive scale, most of the photos actually belong to victims of other conflicts and disasters such as Kosovo, Turkish Kurdistan, Afghanistan and other places, kindly check my blog which contains many irrefutable proofs some of which you have already pointed out to plus the falsified photos:


    • Hi Harutyun
      Thanks for your comment. Your first sentence intrigues me as to why it should be the preserve of people from the affected nation to speak out about an issue. I think it is only Armenians who would say this – sorry for saying it this way, but a lot of experience draws me to this conclusion. I, too, am always staggered about the inaction of the wider Armenian community on this issue. My view would be that the majority have either not heard about it, or have very little knowledge of the detail. It seems to me that the majority of the efforts and energy are on the 1915 Genocide as an historical event rather than campaigning for wider recognition of it as the start of a sequence of events that continues to this day, albeit in a lower key state. That would make the case more engaging.

      If I may just comment on your point about falsified photos. This is used many times by Armenians to counter the Azeri propaganda. You will note that I have not referred to it in my article. Whilst I do no dispute that the Azeris have used those photos, and they clearly are fake, it is not evidence of anything other than that they are prepared to falsify images for their propaganda – it doesn’t prove anything regarding the events on Feb 26th. If one is having an objective conversation with a disinterested party then this is not compelling direct evidence, it is only circumstantial – that is why I have not referred to it. I also don’t think a collection of isolated anecdotes is convincing – it reads too much like a conspiracy theory which most people will dismiss.

      I have tried to tell the story by reference to referenced Azeri texts, and to build the story in relation to the topography, and what it was reported actually happened. The reader then arrives at the right questions to ask.

      Sorry to be direct – but I feel that the whole approach to influencing neutral ( or pro-Azeri) parties is by good objective analysis. I’m sure my article can be improved with further analysis, and I would welcome any contributions of sources that I have missed.

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