Letter to UK MP : European Azerbaijan Society propaganda card

Dear Mrs Wheeler


I understand that the European Azerbaijan Society (EAS) has issued a card to all MP’s presenting their perspective on the subject of “Internally Displaced Persons” from the Nagorno-Karabakh War ( see link below)


 Whilst it is true to stay that many Azerbaijanis had to leave their homes during the war period and re-settle in Azerbaijan, there were also hundreds of thousands of Armenians living in Azerbaijan who were also forcibly evacuated. They had to find refuge in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, and other countries in the world. Many Armenians were killed in the early years of the war during the pogroms in Baku, and Sumgait.

 You might find this article informative on the detail.


I would also ask you to consider why a nation, like Azerbaijan, that has benefitted from vast oil revenues, and spends more money on military equipment each year than the entire GDP of Armenia keeps many of the “IDP’s” in abject poverty? The propaganda value of the “IDP’s” is being cynically exploited with the issue of this card.

 I appreciate that the background to the conflict and this specific issue is complex and I have spent many years visiting Nagorno-Karabakh, photographing and writing about it and being  active from within the UK.

 I would simply ask that you are aware of the full context of the statements made by the EAS and recognise that it is essentially propaganda. If circumstances prevail in the future which necessitate you becoming more knowledgeable then I am happy, if required, to meet you to give a more thorough briefing on this subject

Yours sincerely.

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