Letter to Gordon Henderson Member of UK Parliament 1 July 2013

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Dear Mr Henderson

I note with interest that on 6 Feb 2012 you proposed an Early Day Motion (2690) regarding the “20th Anniversary of the Khojaly Tragedy” .

The events in Khojaly in 1992 are controversial, and this motion only represents the Azerbaijani perspective (or propaganda); the validity of which is very questionable. Your motion uses the term “invading Armenian forces” ; I am sure you are aware that Nagorno-Karabakh was a majority Armenian autonomous republic which voted, democratically, in Feb 1988 to secede from the Azerbaijan SSR. The Armenians were defending themselves from an aggressive force, not invading. There is no dispute about Operation Ring (Azeri attacks on outlying Karabakhi villages) in the Spring of 1991, the continual bombardment of Stepanakert by Azeri rockets from Aghdam, Shushi and Khojaly including the use of the deadly ex-Soviet Union BM-21 GRAD rocket launchers,the terrible massacres in Maragha in April 1992 ( the immediate consequences of which were witnessed by Baroness Cox), to name but a few, and yet these all seem to have been ignored. All of these actions killed thousands of Armenian people.

The EDM which you signed on 18 Oct 2011 regarding the 20th Anniversary of the Independence of Azerbaijan tellingly refers to the fact that it (Azerbaijan) “provides a valuable alternative source of oil and gas for the European market” – which of course Armenia doesn’t.

I have viewed your website, and other entries on the internet but cannot find any other links to, or connections with Azerbaijan. I am curious as to why you proposed a motion that supports Azerbaijani propaganda when the opportunity existed to do nothing, or be balanced, and recognize the issues that affected both sides? What is your connection with Azerbaijan that resulted in this EDM being proposed?

Many thanks in anticipation of your response.

Russell Pollard

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